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Precision Profile Gauge

  • Moving part width : 120mm
  • Material : Body:Aluminum, Needle:Tool Steel
  • Finish : Body:Alumite, Needle:Nickel plate
  • Needle quantity : 333
  • Needle thickness : 0.36mm/pc
  • Weight : 146g

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Essentially, this is a gauge used for the profile (moulding) of relics. But the use is widely utilizable also for musical instrument manufacture or repair business. This gauge was made by KYUSHU ORGAN NEEDLE Co., Ltd.
KYUSHU ORGAN NEEDLE is a traditional company which manufactures a precision needle. Specific processing is performed to the needle of HARIMAKO and it has elasticity very much. The diameter of each needle is 0.36mm and can perform the profiling of the outline very exactly. Furthermore, aluminum material with anodized have contributed greatly to the sliding properties and wear resistance.

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