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Developed by a new idea from "Gotohs" high processing technology.
Tuning performance has greatly enhanced in comparison to the existing in the past and gear feels so smooth.

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  • SPBJ-5
  • Banjo Tunet Button Option
  • SPBJ-5 Dimensions


A new concept in banjo tuners, developed with GOTOH's superior processing technology. With these ultra smooth tuners, precision tuning takes a quantum leap forward compared to previous products. In particular, the mechanism of the 5th string peg has been radically revised, solving all problems in past designs.

Arrangement :
Finishes : N, C, GG
Gear ratio : 1 : 4 Planetary Gear
Weight : ---
Accessory : Include : Washer, Nut, Screw

Additional Information

Availability of this product O.K! (Lead-time required.)
About System and Delivery Time

Why? "Production by Order" System.
As for the product of GOTOH, hundreds of kinds of variations exist to one model. Therefore, it is very difficult to stock all the lineup. and, The product of GOTOH is always continuing evolving. Since we hope to supply an always brand-new product, we do not have stock.
Please understand that the lead-time for about two weeks is required. But it may be able to ship early by the production schedule in a factory. When you want to obtain early, please ask delivery time beforehand. When EMS is chosen by the shipping method, if shipment procedure is completed, it will arrive in about four days.

* Please understand that the lead-time of about 1 month may be required very rarely.


When equipping the existing musical instrument with GOTOH products, processing of addition to the musical instrument side may be necessity. If attachment impossible without processing is carried out, there is a possibility of leading to breakage of a musical instrument. Please check size etc. well before purchase. Moreover, We recommend that clearing work is requested from specialists, such as a repair shop. In addition, about breakage of the musical instrument when replacing, an accident, etc., it shall be considered as self-responsibility, and our shop shall not take any responsibility.

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