Frequently Asked Questions

About the compatibility of parts.

It seems that there is no maker who is giving and making "compatibility" to the parts of not only the product of GOTOH but the other company. Even if the thickness of an axis and the position of a hole are the same, the standard of a screw is not the same by all makers. Keep in mind that it may damage a guitar head when it equips by force. About wearing and replacement of parts, we recommend a special repair man etc. to be requested.

About matching with an old guitar.

A reply which approves cannot be carried out to this question. The difference in a standard is in each maker of stringed instrument parts. The actual condition is that a "matching list" and a "compatible table" do not exist to a musical instrument. for example, the case of Stratocaster made from XXXX year: Since it is manufactured at two or more countries and factories, different parts may be used. Therefore, if we advise easily, a mistake may happen. Advising may be possible if the photograph of a guitar head is sent to us.

About availability of only "button or screw".

In principle, we don't offer only "button or screw" separately. If you expect to obtain button or screw as spare when you purchase GOTOH products officially, sometimes we shall offer them.

About the custom-coordination of a color.

The body and button of a machine head can be coordinated in the color which is different, respectively. However, since it does not guarantee that any combination is made, when you desire it, please inquire.

What is the meaning of "L6" and "R6"?

"L6" is the regular arrangement for right-handed persons about machine head arrangement. "R6" means out the reverse arrangement for left-handed persons. Where a guitar is stood, when it sees from the front, the type arranged on the left-hand side of a head is "L6." Incidentally, "L3+R3" means out what was arranged on both sides.

What are details of a color code?

The following color codes are used in GOTOH.
N, C, GG, B, CK2, XN, XC, XG, SB, SG, HC, HG, HCK2, MTG.
Details are described below.
N (Nickel), C (Chrome), GG (Gold), B (Black Chrome), CK2 (Cosmo Black 2), XN(X-Nickel), XC (X-Chrome), XG (X-Gold), XSV (X-Silver), SB (Solid Brass), SG (Semi Gold), HC (Honed Chrome), HG (Honed Gold), HCK2 (Honed Cosmo Black 2), MTG (Mat Gold).

About delivery time

Usual, delivery time is about 2 weeks but it vary depending on the production schedule of the factory. There are some case availability are subject to delay over one month. If you are in a hurry, please ask us the delivery time of your requested item in advance.

Is there any economical shipping method?

In order to deliver safely and quickly, neither sea mail nor ordinary mail is available. In principle, we ship your order via EMS.

About the quotation.

If you would like to know about the item price including shipping cost, please select the option and put the item into the shopping cart, then the item price considered options will be appear on the screen. Furthermore, if you put your address, the total price including shipping cost will be appear on the screen automatically. If you need the quotation for business purpose etc, please do not hesitate to let us know. We'll send you our quotation by PDF along to your requested.

About the Invoice or Receipt.

Fundamentally, we ask use payment notifications by PayPal as a substitute for the receipt, but if you need our receipt, please do not hesitate to let us know. We'll send you our receipt by PDF.

About the customization.

We regret that we shall be unable to arrange resize customize, bulk order and OEM.

About the material and sound effects.

If a material generally becomes hard, it is said that sound also becomes hard and becomes a bright impression. Although various materials, such as aluminum, brass, steel, zinc, and duralumin, are used, the image of sound will be made if the weight and hardness of these metal are taken into consideration. However, a neck and a body have the influence most remarkable in a stringed instrument on sound, and sound with these complex conjointly individual components completes it. Therefore, if these questions are also equipped with these parts, it will be very difficult to declare that it becomes such sound.

About the order of past model.

In the case of a phaseout model, there may be a stock of parts. Please ask us beforehand.

Would you mail a catalog?

Though regrettable, mailing service of the catalog is not offered. You can download the PDF catalogue from our site.

About a Tax.

The tax is added to the initial display of the product price. Although an overseas resident is exempted from taxation, the price is maintained until a delivery address is inputted. If a delivery address is inputted, the price after tax exemption will newly be displayed.

Is there any sample of products?

Though regrettable, we cannot offer the sample of a product.